ROUTINE: Skin Care Routine ☼ ☾

Heya, I started taking care of my skin again and I noticed a difference even with this humble routine of mine. So, I wanted to share it with you guys in case you have similar skin to mine.

Skin Type:

Before laying out my routine for you, I need to give a little introduction to my skin. I have combination skin where it tends to get dry around my mouth and forehead but a little oily around my nose. Blackheads are also a huge issue for me; I still haven’t found the best product to remove mine completely but this routine is giving me decent results. Also, I rarely get blemishes and when I do they don’t last for too long. Okey, I think that gives you an idea. Let’s Begin! Continue reading

ROUTINE: My Curly Hair Care


Heya, today i want to share with you my hair care routine so far. I have curly 3a/3b hair and it’s a pain to take care of because it’s dry and very thick. However, I managed to find products that are good for my hair type in decent prices (keep in mind those are approximate prices since I don’t live in USA). So, I wash my hair twice a week because it’s not very good for your hair to wash it everyday, especially, if you are using a shampoo that contains Sulfates as it drys out your hair. Here is my routine: Continue reading