Hello, since you clicked this page you must love art…or maybe you’re here by mistake? I donnow I’m just tryna get your attention lol. Anyway, here I’m gonna be posting all things related to art like my sketches, paintings, photos I’ve taken, or even things i doodled in class.

Ya never know how artsy you can get until you take one of those boring classes, I mean you draw a whole poster just to pass time and it turns out surprisingly well. And then you start taking art as a career and you quit school thinking that you can just get money off of drawing but you end up doodling on the street and start thinking “aaah i shoulda listened in that boring class” or “woow i really am bad at this”…..okay I’ll shut up now..

Annnywaay, I hope you like the things I post. Your feedback is also appreciated (o^^o)/

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