HEALTHY: 2 Ingredient Pancakes 🍌 πŸ₯š


Heya, I started my workout-less Sunday with a new culinary adventure! I tried making the 2 ingredient pancake recipe from the Blogilates beginner calendar. Of course, Cassy made it look so effortless and yummy but it was kind of difficult to flip those “pancakes”. Anyway, mine tasted like a confused omelette lol. However, here’s the recipe if you’d like to try your luck with it.

Well, the ingredients are…self explanatory…2 eggs and one banana. You basically mash the banana and mix it with the two eggs till you get a batter consistency then on low heat you cook them like you would a pancake. Don’t forget to grease the pan a little since those tend to stick and be a hassle to flip. Finally, Serve with chopped fruits honey or maple syrup.

There you go, enjoy! and if you find a better way to make them or an addition to the ingredients that would make it taste less confused lol,Β  please lemme know!Β  You can also find the original video Here!


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