HEALTHY: 2 Ingredient Pancakes 🍌 🥚


Heya, I started my workout-less Sunday with a new culinary adventure! I tried making the 2 ingredient pancake recipe from the Blogilates beginner calendar. Of course, Cassy made it look so effortless and yummy but it was kind of difficult to flip those “pancakes”. Anyway, mine tasted like a confused omelette lol. However, here’s the recipe if you’d like to try your luck with it. Continue reading

ROUTINE: Skin Care Routine ☼ ☾

Heya, I started taking care of my skin again and I noticed a difference even with this humble routine of mine. So, I wanted to share it with you guys in case you have similar skin to mine.

Skin Type:

Before laying out my routine for you, I need to give a little introduction to my skin. I have combination skin where it tends to get dry around my mouth and forehead but a little oily around my nose. Blackheads are also a huge issue for me; I still haven’t found the best product to remove mine completely but this routine is giving me decent results. Also, I rarely get blemishes and when I do they don’t last for too long. Okey, I think that gives you an idea. Let’s Begin! Continue reading

ROUTINE: My Curly Hair Care


Heya, today i want to share with you my hair care routine so far. I have curly 3a/3b hair and it’s a pain to take care of because it’s dry and very thick. However, I managed to find products that are good for my hair type in decent prices (keep in mind those are approximate prices since I don’t live in USA). So, I wash my hair twice a week because it’s not very good for your hair to wash it everyday, especially, if you are using a shampoo that contains Sulfates as it drys out your hair. Here is my routine: Continue reading